Is Your God Too Small?

Lay Centre @ Largo della Sanità Militare, 60, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Humanity’s robots have visited every planet in the solar system; and fifty years ago humans even walked on the Moon. The contrast between “the World” and “the Cosmos” is becoming blurred, even as we are learning just how big the Cosmos is. We need to understand that all those other planets are real places, part […]

Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer

Glasgow University Memorial Chapel @ University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ, UK

A one hour event in Glasgow University Memorial Chapel with potentially the most diverse audience of the week: university students, Catholic trainee teachers, Christians from Glasgow Diocese and Glasgow Presbytery as well as senior students from local schools. They will come to hear from an interesting person who knows interesting things and will communicate them […]

Scottish Catholic Schools Conference

Session one: Creation and Genesis 1 (half hour) Genesis does not tell us the science of how the universe was created. Rather, and more importantly, it tells us why we should care. Session two: Talking Faith and Science (half hour) How can a person of faith and science talk about either, in a way that […]

The Vatican and the Big Bang

Brophy College Preparatory @ 4701 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA

Discussion of the "Big Bang" theory of cosmic creation and Fr. Georges Lemaitre, the "father of the "Big Bang."

Catholic Cosmologies & Br. Guy Consolmagno, Pres.of the Vatican Observatory

Vallombrosa Center

See Br. Guy Consolmagno, President of the Vatican Observatory, speak during an online presentation for the Vallombrosa Center on Feb. 20th! From angels and demons to photons and quarks, we’ve always been curious about how the universe works. But every Cosmology cosmology, from materialism to Catholicism, is based on assuming things that we may not […]