Interview with author George Coyne on his book “Notfinity Process”

David de Hilster does his first interview with fellow critical thinker and author George Coyne on his new book “Notfinity Process – Microcosms-in-Motion”. This book explores the world of quantum mechanics, the big bang, and the mind and consciousness – all in words that everyone can understand. This book stands on the shoulders of giants including Dr. Glenn Borchart, David Peat, Noam Chomsky, and Bohm.

Coyne is a director of the Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) and heads the Vancouver regional office of the Progressive Science Institute. He contributes blogs to “” His consciousness paper, which was presented at the 2017 CNPS convention, is available at

Websites on George’s book:
“Notfinity Process: Microcosms-in-Motion”

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George’s July 22, 2017 presentation to scientists: