Catholic Cosmologies & Br. Guy Consolmagno, Pres.of the Vatican Observatory

Vallombrosa Center

See Br. Guy Consolmagno, President of the Vatican Observatory, speak during an online presentation for the Vallombrosa Center on Feb. 20th! From angels and demons to photons and quarks, we’ve always been curious about how the universe works. But every Cosmology cosmology, from materialism to Catholicism, is based on assuming things that we may not […]

God’s Revelation through Nature: Scientific and Theological Perspectives


Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, an adjunct scholar with the Vatican Observatory, will give a webinar titled: God's Revelation through Nature: Scientific and Theological Perspectives - Saturday February 5, 2022 at 5:00 PM Italian time (11:00 AM EST time) - hosted by the Catholic Conscience Forum and the Society of Catholic Scientists. How do scientists understand theology and […]

Astronomy at the Beach 2023

Michigan's Largest Free Astronomy Event - 27th Year! This is an in-person event, with live telescope viewing starting at 4:00 PM with solar observing, and going till midnight with several telescopes on the field. Learn about astronomy, space science and imaging technology. Educators have given extra credit to students attending our in-person event in the […]