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Angels and Demons: Christian mysticism in fantasy (M)

How have Christian symbols, myths, and ideas been used in fantasy literature? C. S. Lewis was very open about his use of Christian symbols in the Narnia series; what other authors have done the same? Angels, demons, crucifixes, relics, heroes being sacrificed to save others, and even more subtle uses of numerology and abstract symbolism: the panel will explore these, and discuss their favourite examples of Christian mysticism in fantasy.

Brother Guy Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory) (M) (brotherguy@mac.com), Meg MacDonald (Anglia Ruskin University / University of Glasgow) (macdonald.m.meg@gmail.com), Christian (Miles) Cameron (Gollancz) (1Phokion@gmail.com), Anne Corlett (annecorlett@gmail.com)

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