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Small-Group Dynamics in Fiction

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The social dynamics of small groups include tensions that make fine fodder for fiction. Researchers in Antarctica, members of religious communities, Martian settlers, haunted house inhabitants, starship crews — what special challenges do isolated groups face? Which stories have excelled at showing how people pick leaders, form bonds, avoid interpersonal traps, and cooperate to get stuff done? Or, of course, come apart in escalating orgies of violence?

Dr. Stephen P. Kelner Jr. (Ascent Leadership Networks) (stevekelner@mindspring.com), Br Guy Consolmagno SJ (Vatican Observatory) (M) (brother_guy@mac.com), Gerald L. Coleman (geraldlcoleman@outlook.com), Bracken MacLeod (bracken.macleod@gmail.com), Vincent O’Neil (vincentoneil@gmail.com)

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