Common Questions: Society of Catholic Scientists

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A list of sixteen common questions related to religion and science, ranging from “Doesn’t the Book of Genesis contradict the Big Bang and Evolution?” to “Doesn’t the vast size of the universe show that humanity doesn’t matter in the cosmic scheme?” Answers not only look at current sources but also historical sources to show how ideas have, and have not, changed over time.  From the Society of Catholic Scientists:

In Common Questions we give answers to questions that are frequently asked about the relationship between science and the Catholic faith. These answers are not intended to be complete discussions of the issues, but rather to present some of the most important points in a reasonably short, readable and accessible way. For those wishing to pursue a question further, we present for each Question a set of “Resources for further study.” References for quotations are given as footnotes, except for quotations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which are generally given in parenthesis in the answer itself as “CCC” with the Catechism section number.

These answers were prepared by the Board of the SCS in consultation with the Theological Advisory Committee of SCS, which consists of theologians who are professors at Catholic seminaries.

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