Southern Reaches

A recent favorable libration gave me a nice look at some south pole features. The south pole itself is essentially the right edge of the image. Just inside of that edge you can see a large mountain on the limb. This is “M5” on the Whitaker map of the S.Pole. Just to the left of it is “M4” and in front of that mountain is “M3”. Behind and adjacent to M3 is Cabeus B (61km) and then the large crater left of that is large crater Drygalski (168km dia.) with a nice central peak. This crater is only occasionally in view when the libration is just right. Above and left of Drygalski is Le Gentil (116km) with a smaller crater on the floor by the near wall. and a nice large mountain in the foreground. Behind Le Gentil is another smaller shadow filled crater, Boltzmann (76km), very rarely seen but we get a glimpse here, my first. Even further left we see another monster crater with a clear central peak, Hausen (172km).
Above Hausen, halfway to the upper edge, is a much smaller but clear crater with a small central peak, Zucchius (66km). Another clear slightly larger crater is to the right, Kircher (75km) and between them and a little above the similar sized Bettinus (73km). These are almost always in view if the lighting is right and can act as markers to Drygalski and Hausen.