A Biologist’s Perspective on Science and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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  • 7 pages
  • Level: high school and above

This 2011 article in the Journal of Religion and Society is by Charles Brockhouse of Creighton University.  This article provides perspectives on science from two different Catholic scientists—Brockhouse directly, and indirectly Brockhouse’s father, Bertram Brockhouse, who shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics.  Charles Brockhouse writes:

No consideration of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition would be complete without a treatment of the development of modern experimental (natural) science. Alas, such a work is beyond my expertise and available time as a practicing scientist and lecturer in the general area of genetics and molecular biology….  [T]his chapter offers a distillation of my personal framework. This perspective developed during a lifetime in a family largely formed of converts to Roman Catholicism (and many non-RCs who did not covert) who also placed an enormous emphasis on scholastic development and intellectual rigor.

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