Attentiveness: The Meeting Point Between Patience, Astronomy, And Spirituality.

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Fr. James Kurzynski, writing for The Catholic Astronomer blog, discusses amateur astronomy, automated telescopes, and attentiveness to God’s presence by being aware of the world around us. Fr. Kurzynski, noting how some “purists” scoff at automated telescopes as a short cut around learning the sky, concludes:

Patience and attentiveness to the night sky allowing for an encounter with God – perhaps the purists have a point! In a world that is increasingly invasive on our gift of time, let us carve out some moments of quiet contemplation this week. Let’s embrace the importance of not rushing from one thing to the next, missing out on small, important moments of life. If God blesses you with clear skies overheard, take out a telescope or a pair of binoculars to enjoy a night of gazing upon God’s beautiful creation. And in that gaze, draw upon the lessons of the spiritual masters to turn a night of star gazing into an encounter with the God who loves you.

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