Hunting for Supernova: Why is Humanity Wired to Explore?

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Fr. James Kurzynski writes on The Catholic Astronomer blog about his participation as an amateur astronomer in “citizen science”, and his hopes of discovering a supernova in another galaxy.  Fr. Kurzynski writes:

I would invite you to prayerfully reflect upon this question: What are the things God has inspired you to explore? Whether your desire is to understand the world we live in and/or explore questions of meaning and purpose, realize that both types of questions ultimately point to a common origin. Our exploration of this world and our lives prepares us for life’s final exploration in which we will pass through the womb of death from this life to the next. It is through this journey that we will discover the answer to one of the most fundamental questions of life: Who am I in God’s eyes? May all of us discover today the beginnings of the answer to this question that affirms that all of us, to quote Pope Francis, are sinners who have been looked upon by God with love and mercy.

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