Intelligent faith-science: Catholic belief and the search for exraterrestrial intelligent life

  • Booklet
  • 52 pages
  • Level: high school audiences and above

In this booklet published by CTS, Br. Guy Consolmagno, S. J., of the Vatican Observatory, writes on what we know about the search for intelligent life, how we search and why we search, and what it can mean for Catholics and our understanding of our faith:

God is bigger than our family problems, our city, our sports teams, our nation. Bigger than bombs; bigger than history. Bigger than the whole world and all its past and future. Bigger than our sky or our Sun or our solar system. Bigger than the galaxy we see spread out above us at night, as far as we can see. Bigger than all the galaxies, seen and unseen. Bigger than whatever parallel universes may or may not exist beyond our own.

Indeed, God is so big that, even in all this immenseness, He is able to concentrate His entire effort, energy, and love on each one of us tiny individuals on this tiny planet. And, I have confidence, on any other individuals on any other planet, as well

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