Kepler’s Prayers to God in Harmony of the World

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Johannes Kepler is one of the major figures in the history of astronomy. He was a profoundly religious man who interspersed prayers and hymns within his scientific writings. One example of this is his 1619 book Harmony of the World, which contains, among other things, this prayer for his scientific work:

Holy Father, keep us safe in the concord of our love for one another, that we may be one, just as Thou art one with Thy Son, Our Lord, and with the Holy Ghost, and just as through the sweetest bonds of harmonies Thou hast made all Thy works one; and that from the bringing of Thy people into concord the body of Thy Church may be rebuilt up in the Earth, as Thou didst erect the heavens themselves out of harmonies.

Click here for an excerpt from the Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science (, which is edited by the Advanced School for Interdisciplinary Research, operating at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, and directed by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti.

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