The Galileo Myth

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This article, published in the Jesuit magazine America in October 2020, provides a discussion of the scientific reasons behind opposition to Galileo, a discussion called for because the opposition to Galileo had recently been described in terms of “science denial”.  The authors are Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Vatican Observatory, and Christopher Graney, a historian of science and Adjunct Scholar with the Vatican Observatory.  From the article:

[T]he stories we tell ourselves are never really about the past or the future; they are about the times in which they are written…. We study what happened in history to imagine a better future. That is the immediate relevance of the Galileo story to us today. But we must be careful that the stories we tell ourselves do not fit too neatly into contemporary stereotypes like “science denialism.” If we do not diagnose problems correctly, we cannot come up with good solutions.

Click here to access the on-line version of the article, courtesy of America.