Hobby Astronomer Priest Keeps His Eyes on the Heavens

  • Audio
  • 40 minutes
  • Level: all audiences

A 2020 interview with James Kurzynski, a priest of the Diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, who is an amateur astronomer, a writer for the Vatican Observatory Sacred Space Astronomy blog, and a presenter for the VO Faith and Science workshops. The conversation covers a variety of topics:

    • How Kurzynski’s own interests in both the natural world (especially astronomy) and in the priesthood developed through his youth.
    • His view on what science is—a powerful, but limited, way of describing an aspect of creation.
    • The nuts and bolts of being an amateur astronomer, and the experiences of amateur astronomers—ranging from a tendency to overfocus on equipment, to being culturally misunderstood, to showing family members the Milky Way.
    • His involvement with the Vatican Observatory and his role in the Faith and Science workshops.


Click here for the audio, from Minnesota Catholic Podcasts.