Pew Research Center: How highly religious Americans view evolution depends on how they’re asked about it

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This brief discussion by Cary Funk of the Pew Research Center, published in 2019, shows the extent to which the response of people to questions about evolution depends on the way that the question is framed.  Funk writes:

More than a century and a half after Charles Darwin published his groundbreaking thesis on the development of life, the subject of evolution remains a contentious one for Americans and, in particular, for those who are religious. But when it comes to exploring the views of highly religious groups – white evangelical Protestants and black Protestants – a new survey approach finds their responses vary depending on how the question is asked.

Pew simultaneously published a longer discussion on “The Evolution of Pew Research Center’s Survey Questions About the Origins and Development of Life on Earth” along with the Funk discussion, for readers who want more details on this subject.

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