Fr. Christoforus Bayu Risanto, S.J.

Area of Research

Staff atmospheric scientist


  • B.A. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology – Driyarkara School of Philosophy, 2007
  • M.S. Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology – Creighton University, Omaha, 2016
  • Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology – University of Arizona, 2021


Jesuit meteorologist / atmospheric scientist interested in convective-permitting numerical weather prediction (CP-NWP) model and data assimilation (DA) for short-term and sub-seasonal weather forecasting, collaborating with multi-national atmospheric science research/ projects especially in forecasting extreme weather in arid regions.

Recent work includes the development of regional CP-NWP models for severe weather (monsoon and heavy precipitation) with DA under the Consortium of Arizona-Mexico for Arid Environment (CAZMEX; 2017-2019), development of sub-seasonal forecast system for severe weather with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (2019-2023), development of regional mesonet for observations and CP forecasting (with DA) in Arizona (NSF 2022-present), and development of CP NWP models for South America (South America Affinity Group: 2019-present).

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Hsin-I. Chang, Yoshimitsu Chikamoto, Simon S.-Y. Wang, Christopher L. Castro, Matthew D. LaPlante, C. Bayu Risanto, Xingying Huang, Patrick Bunn (2024), Enhancing Extreme Precipitation Predictions With Dynamical Downscaling: A Convection-Permitting Modeling Study in Texas and Oklahoma,
  • Francina Dominguez, Roy Rasmussen, Changhai Liu, Kyoko Ikeda, Andreas Prein, Adam Varble, Paola A. Arias, Julio Bacmeister, Maria Laura Bettolli, Patrick Callaghan, Leila M. V. Carvalho, Christopher L. Castro, Fei Chen, Divyansh Chug, Kwok Pan (Sun) Chun, Aiguo Dai, Luminita Danaila, Rosmeri Porfírio da Rocha, Ernani de Lima Nascimento, Erin Dougherty, Jimy Dudhia, Trude Eidhammer, Zhe Feng, Lluís Fita, Rong Fu, Julian Giles, Harriet Gilmour, Kate Halladay, Yongjie Huang, Angela Maylee Iza Wong, Miguel Ángel Lagos-Zúñiga, Charles Jones, Jorge Llamocca, Marta Llopart, J. Alejandro Martinez, J. Carlos Martinez, Justin R. Minder, Monica Morrison, Zachary L. Moon, Ye Mu, Richard B. Neale, Kelly M. Núñez Ocasio, Sujan Pal, Erin Potter, German Poveda, Franciano Puhales, Kristen L. Rasmussen, Amanda Rehbein, Rosimar Rios-Berrios, Christoforus Bayu Risanto, Alan Rosales, Lucia Scaff, Anton Seimon, Marcelo Somos-Valenzuela, Yang Tian, Peter Van Oevelen, Daniel Veloso-Aguila, Lulin Xue, Timothy Schneider (2023), Advancing South American Water and Climate Science Through Multi-Decadal Convection-Permitting Modeling , Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

“Bernhardus valles, colles Benedictus amabat,  
oppida Franciscus, magnas Ignatius urbes.”