Constance L. Martin-Trembley

Constance Martin-Trembley



Constance Martin-Trembley began her love of teaching as a Girl Scout leader in the 1990’s where she had two troops ranging in numbers from 36-42 girls. She chose to teach the girls about science and focused on the badges that promoted those topics with the goal of proving to the girls that they were capable of accomplishing them. One of her favorite memories is taking the girls outside to see the comet Hyakutake.

Connie is a middle school science teacher at Endeavour Middle School in New Haven Michigan, where she has worked for nearly 20 years. She has received the Teacher of the Year Award, has been on the school Union Board, been 7th grade advisor, National Honor Society advisor, and Student Council advisor. Prior to COVID, she ran an after school astronomy club called The Endeavour Space Academy with her husband Bob Trembley. Connie has organized several Astronomy Night events for the community at her school – including presentations, meteorites, and telescope viewing. She is a member of the Warren Astronomical Society, is a volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador and has an asteroid named after her.

Connie received a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Wayne State University, and 5 years later received a Masters of Education in teaching Education with a focus in Science from Oakland University. Beyond holding a Masters in teaching Science Education, she is an Orton-Gillingham facilitator teaching students with Dyslexia how to read. She worked for the Michigan Dyslexia Institute in St. Clair Michigan for 12 years and has tutored privately out of her home for over a decade. Her masters literature review was on the subject of Dyslexia and how it affects middle school children and their ability to learn.