Félix E. Molina-Dïaz, LLM


Felix Molina-Diaz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but has resided in Trujillo Alto for most of his life. He attended high school in my hometown and entered the University of Puerto Rico to study Social Sciences. He finished his BA degree and went on to the Law School of the University of Puerto Rico. Upon completing his studies, he worked as a law clerk in the courts of the Island. Later he completed a master’s degree in Law and Economics from the Universidad Catholica de Ponce.

As a child he was interested in astronomy and his parents gave him his first telescope at seven years old. Later, he acquired a larger telescope and was able to see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter for the first time. That was the defining moment for his passion for space. He has always worked as a lawyer and a university professor, but his passion is space and its exploration. For this reason, he obtained a Professional Certificate as Amateur Astronomer from the UAGM in San Juan and remains active in the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society, of which he is a legal advisor. He and his wife share a love for the study of space and the exploration of it.

Felix is an volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, and an Ambassador for the Vatican Observatory Foundation.