Audra Baleisis: Vatican Observatory Summer School or VOSS

  • Video
  • 24 minutes
  • Level: all audiences

This video from the Vatican Observatory Foundation’s YouTube channel features Audra Baleisis, a former student from the Vatican Observatory Summer School (VOSS), discussing her experiences at the Summer School and how those experiences related to aspects of her career in astronomy education.  From the Vatican Observatory Foundation:

Dr. Audra Baleisis, Instructional Consultant at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching Engineering at the University of Michigan, spoke at the 2017 Annual Seminar held in Ann Arbor. Audra is also an alumna of one of the Vatican Observatory Summer Schools (VOSS) in Castel Gandolfo. In her talk she described the summer school and how it affected her. The schools are unique in that they are comprised of only 25 international beginning graduate students in astrophysics – any two from any one country. Hear how Audra describes her experience and how it affected her.