November Nights Promise Wonders in the Sky!

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Fr. James Kurzynski writes on The Catholic Astronomer blog about being a diocesan priest and an amateur astronomer, and notes some of the night sky objects he finds most appealing to observe:

What will you being doing this November? For me, November always provides a wonderful month to stargaze. The crisp fall evenings of western Wisconsin combined with low humidity provide a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the heavens….

There is a simple joy of looking up at the night sky at the same time every evening to see how much the moon and planets move in relation to each other and the surrounding stars….

As a Diocesan Priest, late night observation is getting harder as my work responsibilities increase and my exhaustion calls me to bed earlier and earlier. I always appreciate the opportunity to observe some fun early morning objects to feed my love of astronomy. Similar to observing the nightly movements of the planets and moon, Jupiter gives us a chance to observe this gas giant in relation to the bright star Spica.

I often try to make clear faith connections in my posts. This week, the only connection I wish to make is to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy God’s creation. If you live in a region similar to where I do, November can be a wonderful month to enjoy some stargazing amid nature’s last canvas of Fall colors. Have a great week and pray for clear skies!

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