One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian

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This 2019 article written by Dan Zak of the Washington Post discusses Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, and a lead author on the U.S. government’s latest National Climate Assessment. Hayhoe is an evangelical Christian. Her husband is a pastor of a non-denominational Christian church.  Hayhoe is known for being able to lead and foster discussions on climate science with a broad range of people.  Zak writes:

Her skills of communication do seem miraculous by the standards of modern climate politics: She can convert nonbelievers — or, to put it in her terms, make people realize that they’ve believed in the importance of this issue all along. She knows how to speak to oilmen, to Christians, to farmers and ranchers, having lived for years in Lubbock, Tex., with her pastor husband. She is a scientist who thinks that we’ve talked enough about science, that we need to talk more about matters of the heart.

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